Detail from "Hoom! Said the Ent" art quilt

"Hoom!" Said the Ent (also known as "The Tree Spirit")

Yep - I was one of those folks who even though I love Sci-Fi/Fantasy books, waited to read "Lord of the Rings" until after the first movie came out. Well, I liked 'em so much, I read 'em again, and the character "Treebeard" really jumped out of the page at me. I knew I had to create an Ent in fabric. So I did!

This one was a lot of fun to work on. I really enjoyed watching the expression emerge on his face.

I've already sold this one (luckily to someone I know and love, so I can go visit it!). But I'm hoping to create a few more pieces that are similar...

Detail from "Hoom! Said the Ent" art quilt
~ (click to enlarge, also shows the shaped border) ~

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